Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jennifer out with Nicholas Hoult at 'Posh'

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult were spotted together at 'Posh' the play.

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So there we were, yesterday evening, waiting for Posh – the brilliant new play about a debauched dinner party organised by group of snobby and very lairy Oxford Uni students – when we spied The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence, 21, and her boyfriend, ace actor Nicholas Hoult, 22, sliding into their seats RIGHT IN FRONT OF US! (FYI: Twiggy was sat directly behind us, Tamsin Greig from Episodes was to our right, and John Barrowman was apparently there too, but we didn’t see him)
The extremely hot couple, who have been pretty coy about their relationship (in March, Jennifer played things down, telling US DJ Ryan Seacrest “We’re just basketball buddies”), were clearly very much into each other, and Jen rested her head on Nicholas’ shoulder during the performance. Aaw! At the end of the play, the pair – who met on the set of X Men: First Class – were first on their feet to give the cast a standing ovation, and then left the Duke of York’s Theatre holding hands.  And yes, we were a teensy bit jealous!

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