Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jennifer Lawrence says 'The House At The End Of The Street' Would 'Terrify' Her

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Jennifer Lawrence may be staking a new role as a horror movie heroine, but she admits that in her real life she'd be absolutely terrified at new movie 'House At the End of the Street'

In an interview with More! Magazine she said "In real life I'm terrified of horror movies. If I want to watch one, I have to plan out the next three months of my life, because I'll know i'm going to be afraid of everything - afraid of the dark, afraid of my own shadow."

So will Jen herself be watching the movie from behind the seats of her local cinema?

The star said: "I thought if I had the experience of actually being in one it would make me less afraid of seeing them. I'll have to see how that one works out."

Check out the full article and video over at entertainmentwise

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