Monday, August 6, 2012

Jennifer Lawrence Negotiating $10 Million Payday for 'Catching Fire' Film

The actress is in the final stages of negotiating a rich deal to return for Catching Fire that will pay her somewhere in the $10 million range, according to sources close to the deal. The figure is a combination of salary, bonuses and escalators. Depending on the box-office performance of the film, she could earn much more.  

The Hollywood Reporter reported in February that the Oscar-nominated actress was paid just $500,000 upfront for the first film, plus bonuses depending on box-office performance. Her original deal with studio Lionsgate locked her into four planned films based on the best-selling Suzanne Collins trilogy, but producers -- recognizing the success of the franchise -- moved to renegotiate her contract as the film became an international sensation. Such renegotiations are common on major film franchises. The Twilight stars, for instance, received significant salary bumps in subsequent movies.
Lawrence’s co-stars Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth also are said to have renegotiated their contracts, but each will receive far smaller raises, according to sources. Lawrence, whose gritty performance was central to the film, is seen as the marquee star.

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  1. Worth every penny. She does a hell of a lot more for the Hunger Games franchise than Kristen Stewart does for Twilight ... and Stewart makes $15 mill? Why? She can't act, and no one is paying $10+ a ticket to see her.

    I'm real excited about Catching Fire though I know it will be a long wait. The Hunger Games DVD can't come soon enough!